We believe every event creates a community with every member leaving the event with memories and new friends.

We specialise in creating event based communities and make it easy and fun to organize, share and discuss private and public gatherings, so that the community will survive even after the event ends.

Q & A

General Questions

What you mean by builder and explorer?

A builder is the one who has published or organised a event. Explorer can be the one looking for new communities to join or the one who has is a approved member of a community and is attending or have attended the event, the right of approval lies with event community builder.

What is Event Based Community?

Event based community is avenue to Network, Make new friends, Know each other, Share knowledge. The Community is designed to function before, during and after the events so you can keep the community alive even after the event.

Is it free to start a new community, and how many communities can a builder create?

For limited period BME users can take benefit of creating communities for free and there is no limit to number of communities created by a user / builder.

How a Community Works?

An Explorer can be part of the community via community lounge. Once you are part of Community lounge, you can share private messages with other community members. To share private messages in Community Lounge. Go to Compose your ticker and select Lounge - "Event Name" from the drop down. That message will be displayed to other approved members of the community only. Only Approved community members will see the lounge name in the ticker box.

What are tickers?

Tickers are the tool you can use to share, discuss and build your community and followings. Ticker box in my profile and ticker feed section can be used for the same. All tickers you write will be displayed on your profile page to other users and on your city and worldwide buzz pages.

What is difference between public and private event community ?

Public Community - Event community will be displayed across the city pages and allows users to search your event. You can promote your event using buzztags and social feature.
Private Community - Event community will be private, will not be visible on city pages. This community is suitable for those events which you want to keep private for colleagues, friends or family. A private page will be generated. You can find the link on your dashboard.
Please note there is no restriction in type of events you place under public or private category.

What is buzz tag?

Buzz tag is any text preceded by a "#" sign in the ticker. Example #BME2014. With every new community, the builder will be allotted a unique buzz tag, which can used by the explorers and community members to talk and discuss about their community. This buzz tag can be used to promote your event in city and worldwide buzz pages. Explorers can also write their own buzz tags to share about their own life, thoughts or current events.

How can i change my personal details and personalised profile page?

You can change your name, about me and make the url personalised (if available) in dashboard edit profile section. Your picture is linked to your facebook profile picture, any changes in your facebook profile picture will lead to a change in your BME profile pic.


How can one be part of community lounge?

Go to the event community page, that you are attending and register yourself for community lounge. Your registration request will be passed on to community builder and on approval from the builder, your membership will be confirmed. Please check your dashboard for approval status.

Can i become member of community lounge even after the event?

Yes you can, but to do that you must have the link to the community page, as the event will be de-listed from city pages. You can also search for the event, to fnd the link. Register yourself and on approval you will be part of the community lounge. You can find the community lounge page on your dashboard.

I am a explorer, i like an event i want to attend that and join the community lounge?

Click on the contact me bottom in community home page and we will pass on your lead to the community builder. The builder will then contact you for the following. Once you are attendance the event, you can register yourself for the community lounge.


I am an event builder, how can i message tickers on my community page?

BME also allows every community builder to message tickers on their community page. You can select either to make the ticker only for your community main page or display the the same ticker in your profile, city and worldwide buzz pages along with the community main page. To display the ticker box please select .

I am an event builder, how can new leads contact me, where can i find their info?

Once an explorer likes your event and wants to attend, the user clicks on Contact Me button in your community home page. This information is forwarded to you in your manage community page in your dashboard.

How i can promote my event community?

You can promote your community by clicking on the promote option from your dashboard, next to any upcoming community built by you. You have option to customise your promotion based on your location, time frame and target market. The promotion plan start from USD 4.99. Other than that you can share the event community on any social media platform or promote in city and worldwide buzz page, by writing tickers using your event buzz tag.

I am a builder and i cannot see attendance or badges in my manage community page?

We offer features like automated attendance, badges and lead generation for public community builder, however incase of partial listing some features might be omitted. Hence we advise users to opt for full public listing in case of public events.

I am a builder, how long will my event community exist?

Our aim is to keep the communities build by you always existing. However, as the event will be finished the community will be removed from city and worldwide listing. You can find the access of your past communities from your dashboard.

For any queries mail us at contact@bookmyentry.com

"Our true destiny...is a world built from the bottom up by competent citizens living in solid communities, engaged in and by their places." - David W. Orr

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